Save time with integrated social media analytics and reporting

Our fully integrated analytics and publishing platform enables you to find your market’s most successful posts

and report on the industry’s widest set of social KPIs in just one click.

Manage all social commerce in one place

Manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ pages while keeping track of competitors’ content, all in a single dashboard.

Get inspired by the most effective social media content

Instantly see the best-performing content across social media with Inspiration PRO. Find the best content using the world’s first searchable social media content library of over 10 billion posts from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Maximize your organic reach by publishing social content at the right times

Actionable recommendations for when to publish, tailored to each of your pages with PrimeTime. Know exactly when to post, and exactly how much more reach and visibility you can expect for each piece of content.

Seamless collaborative publishing

With in-app communication and an intuitive content calendar, develop relevant global content to easily share with other teams or regions.

Competitive intelligence into paid social media strategy

Understand the paid content strategy of your industry and your competition with Promoted Post Detection. Find out which pieces of content are being invested in, and see how well your own and competitors’ paid content is performing. Determine whether you are promoting efficiently and make the case to increase your budget if you are in a highly competitive paid environment.

Form best practices for social media video

Go deeper into your social media video performance with in-depth data on video qualities like length, CTA placement, and ideal content, for both Facebook and YouTube.

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