We help you understand your environment through market research and develop the right strategy to take advantage of the opportunities available

Whatever strategy we choose is backed up with relevant data, showing you different alternatives to achieve your marketing goals.

Our data gathering process makes use of these tools of research:

  • Focus groups
  • Interviews
  • Observation and questionnaires
  • Experiment/field trial


As we are a customer focused firm, we capture and synthesize data captured from any event we manage; this allows our clients to drive their strategy based on real customer intelligence

At M&P, our post-campaign analysis allows our clients to:

  • Take stock of how well their brands did during the marketing campaign periods, in terms of sales growth, brand visibility and awareness
  • Plan for future


Madison & Park also organizes Training and Team building sessions for Clients to align employees with the brand purpose and promise.


We work on these so you don’t have to!

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