We support our clients integrated communications strategy with effective events management. As we are a customer focused firm, we capture and synthesize data captured from any event we manage. This does not only allows us to improve our events, but also allows our client’s to drive their strategy based on real customer intelligence. We also offer a variety of strategised corporate retreats, seminars and workshops designed to provoke thought and motivate action. We will be happy to develop a customized retreat, workshop or seminar specific to your industry, market, company, membership, product or service. Other services in our Corporate Event Management Unit include planning:

In store and Market Activation

Annual General Meetings


Corporate Entertainment



Focus groups





In addition, we do what it takes to bring the strategy to life. From communicating corporate aims and objectives to promoting new products, entering new markets or attracting new staff, a planned, sustained and integrated marketing communications programme will enhance and nurture the reputation of your business and strengthen awareness among your target audiences. Our Marketing & Communications services include:

Business communication strategy and planning

Corporate image analysis

Crisis and reputation management

Internal communications




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