As a leading telecommunication company in Nigeria, Airtel deserve the best when it comes to executing it marketing needs and the Best is what they got whenever we handle a brief for them.

We have done a couple of events and activations on their behalf.

One of the interesting project we handled was the Airtel Lagos Countdown event.

The Lagos Countdown is like what the Times Square is like during the yuletide season. We had numerous fun activities like the ARS Zone, Video games corner and a VIP section. Guess where all this happened… The Beach!

We gave Airtel a strong representation in the presence of other international and local brands.

The fun was mind blowing.


Business intelligence is very crucial to business success. There are tools that are used in gathering this intelligence and Survey was put to a good use for the Airtel EDS project.

Basically, EDS (Every Dealer Survey)  was to collect data from telecoms retailers.

Over 500 surveyors were used to gather intelligence and thousands of data was collated in three (3) states – Lagos, Ogun and Oyo.

The project lasted for eight (8) weeks.


Another interesting project we successfully handled was the Mobile Access Money.  Mobile Access Money is helps people to transfer funds.

Madison & Park helped in creating awareness in five (5) States in South -West Nigeria including Lagos. We are able to do this through simultaneous activations in these states.



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